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See; Zhu P, Zhou Y, Wu F, Hong Y, Wang X, Shekhawat G, Mosenson J, Wu WS. 2017. Selective expansion of skeletal muscle stem cells from bulk muscle cells in soft three-dimensional fibrin gels. Stem Cell Translational Medicine 6(5) :1412-1423.

Salmon fibrin is the optimal extracellular matrix for proliferation and differentiation of human neural stem/progenitor cells (hNSPCs).

Blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption is characteristic of many neurological disorders. Salmon thrombin, a component of a salmon fibrin ECM, (SEA-133 & SEA-135) blocks BBB breakdown, and fortifies endothelial barriers.

At the University of New England rats received 2nd° burns followed by a single application of salmon thrombin, morphine, or vehicle to the burn site