Reagents for Research, Regenerative Medicine

Salmon plasma proteins are purified from the blood of farmed salmon (S.salar). After the fish are stunned for harvest, the blood is drawn by needle using a process similar to that for human blood banking.

All salmon blood products have uniques properties, are naturally free of mammalian viruses and prions, and the lyophilized proteins can be rehydrated and used at room temperature and below.


Salmon fibrinogen (SEA-133) and fibrin ECM

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Salmon thrombin (SEA-135)

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Salmon fibronectin (SEA-136) COMING SOON!

  • Significantly improved attachment and growth of mammalian cells compared to bovine and human fibronectin

Sea Block® (SEA-138) – a blocking agent for diagnostic applications.

Sea-Grow – a salmon plasma product for culture of fish and insect cells.