Salmon Fibrinogen

Salmon plasma protein from blood of farmed S. salar

Product Background

  • Fibrin gels made from salmon fibrinogen have demonstrated remarkable properties in stem cell and neuron cell survival and growth.
  • Salmon fibrin gels have properties superior to mammalian gels in an in vitro angiogenesis model. The salmon gels were 60-188% more efficient than human fibrin gels supporting growth of human endothetlial cells. These results indicate that salmon fibrin may be attractive alternate ECM for support of microvascular network formation.
  • Salmon fibrinogen and thrombin can be rehydrated and used at room temperature
  • Soft salmon fibrin gels have been shown to promote selection and growth of tumorigenic cells

Regenerative Medicine

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Neural cell regrowth
  • Pain & CNS  studies
  • Stem cell research
  • 3-D cell culture


  • Demonstrated superiority to Matrigel as an extracellular matrix for neuronal cell growth.
  • Safety from mammalian pathogens
  • Rehydration and use at RT and below.

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